New Inspections Process


Changes to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program allow us to perform inspections every other year. If your unit passes the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection on the first appointment, it may not need another inspection for two years. Some rental assistance programs may require annual inspections.


The Inspection Team

HQS inspections will be completed by our contractor, Nan McKay & Associates Inspections. The inspection team will contact you to schedule a new lease inspection and give you an appointment window for the inspection.

Landlord Liaison Program

Stay tuned for information forthcoming on an upcoming launch of a Landlord Liaison Program.

Inspection Checklist

Please refer to Before the Inspection to see what will be inspected.


If a unit fails inspection, the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) may stop for a period of time. This is called “abatement.” After a failed inspection, the landlord or owner is given a period of time to correct the problem and have it inspected again. If that deadline is not met, the HAP will be abated. 

  • This happens when a unit fails inspection and the repairs that the owner is responsible for are not completed, inspected and passed by the deadline for correction. 
  • No payments are made during abatement periods.

How Abatement Works

Let’s say your rental unit is inspected on March 23, and it fails for items the landlord is responsible for. A fail notice is issued; the owner has 28 days (in this case, by April 20) to make the repairs, have the unit reinspected and pass inspection.

If the unit does not pass inspection by April 20, the HAP will be abated and will stop on May 1.

If the unit is inspected again on May 4 and passes, the HAP will resume on May 4. The landlord will not receive the HAP for May 1-3, and may not collect it from the tenant. In this example, if the unit passed inspection on or before April 20, the HAP payment would have continued as usual.

For questions on this policy, please call (858) 694-8757.



See the checklist used by inspectors:

County of San Diego Inspection Checklist


Questions about Inspections?


Phone: (858) 694-8735