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Last month, we got to know the Conservation Team. This month, we’re introducing our Sustainability Team. Look out for their workshop notifications and handy sustainability tips on our social channels!

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The Sustainability Planning Division presents: the Sustainability Team!

This group of eight plucky planners brings a multidisciplinary, impeccably strong background to County sustainability planning efforts.

With greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions as the name of the game, this team leads the 2018 CAP implementation and CAP Update efforts, EV Roadmap implementation, and a myriad of other sustainability related efforts like the native plant landscaping policy.

Learn about all the team’s projects here.

Meet the Sustainability Team!

Kelly Bray is the Chief of the Sustainability Planning Division and is fortunate to manage a team of incredibly smart, committed, and passionate planners who work on plans of varying topics including climate action planning, clean mobility planning, and habitat, groundwater, and agricultural conservation. She has a broad professional background in planning and development, sustainability, and environmental analysis which has been driven by her desire to balance growth with habitat preservation and stem the loss of ecosystems and species. With climate change accelerating and the effects becoming more evident across the globe, her focus has shifted to advancing policy solutions to address the issue. In her free time, she loves to spend time outdoors doing anything really, and has found her zen in working on old homes.

Tyler Farmer is a Group Program Manager within the Sustainability Planning Division, and his work includes electric vehicle planning, climate action plan development and implementation, and other sustainability projects. Tyler has a passion for sustainability and has been working on environmentally focused projects for the past 14 years. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys his time with his wife and two kids and sneaks in as much soccer watching as possible.

Joe Cryer is the CAP Project Manager. The County is updating its CAP to take bold climate action and achieve a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal between 2035-2045. Joe has spent the last decade working in the sustainability field, with a focus on regional planning, active transportation, and clean vehicles. When Joe is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family on hikes, trips to the beach, and bike rides around the neighborhood.

Meghan Kelly is a Planning Manager who has been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation, monitoring, and development of the County’s CAP since 2018. She is also managing the Native Plant Landscaping Policy Options project which aims to increase the use of native plants in landscaped areas. In her free time, Meghan can be found outside in her backyard homestead, on a hiking trail, or on her surfboard.

Claire Moss is a Land Use/Environmental Planner. Her work includes the Organic Materials Ordinance Update, public outreach and equity engagement for the CAP Update (check out the team’s previous presentations!), and social media (like and follow us on Twitter and Facebook), to name a few. In her spare time, Claire can be found convincing her colleagues to play tennis or taking long walks around her neighborhood with her pup, Ross Moss.

Ricky Williams is a Land Use/Environmental Planner who assists with implementation of the Sustainability Planning Division’s clean transportation programs. His work focuses on finding ways to clean up the way we travel through our communities and creating clean, accessible transportation options for everyone. Outside of work you’ll find Ricky cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones football and basketball teams – and later on a paddle board or bike to relieve the stress those games cause.

Julia Kuhlman is a Land Use/Environmental Planner. Her work focuses on clean transportation planning, and Julia also assists with CAP Update efforts and helps manage the Sustainability Planning Division’s social media accounts. Outside of work, Julia enjoys hiking, kayaking, crafting, and the occasional nap with her very cuddly cat.

Chad Spoon is a Land Use/Environmental Planner who assists with implementation of clean transportation initiatives as part of the County’s EV Roadmap. Chad also manages the development and production of the CAP monthly newsletter. He joined the County in 2019, after over a decade of research and program implementation in the fields of active transportation and active living. Outside of work, you’ll find him on the soccer pitch playing or with friends catching the latest game on television. When there’s no soccer to be had, he enjoys running or biking his neighborhood with family.

Interested in joining this team? The County of San Diego is recruiting for a Land Use/Environmental Planner that will work alongside this group of planners on climate action and clean mobility planning, environmental analysis, land use regulations, and conservation efforts. Check out the job post and apply by January 6, 2022!

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