Aventine @ Sweetwater Springs

PDS2018-SPA-18-002; PDS2018-GPA-18-004; PDS2018-REZ-18-002; PDS2018-TM-5627; PDS2018-STP-18-013; PDS2018-MUP-70-299W1M32; PDS2018-ER-18-19-003

The Project includes a General Plan Amendment (PDS2018-GPA-18-004), a Specific Plan Amendment (PDS2018-SPA-18-002), a Rezone (PDS2018-REZ-18-002), a Tentative Map (PDS2018-TM-5627), a Major Use Permit Minor Deviation (PDS2018-MUP-70-299W1M32), and a Site Plan (PDS2018-STP-18-013).

The applicant is proposing the development of 92 detached condominium units on approximately 10.57 acres of land located west of Sweetwater Springs Blvd. and south of Austin Drive in the Spring Valley Community Plan area. The project site has an existing shopping center that will be demolished and removed. Access to the site would be provided by a private driveway along Austin Drive, and an existing private driveway along Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

The proposed project includes a General Plan Amendment which would change the General Plan Land Use Designation from General Commercial to Village Residential (VR-10.9). The Regional Category of Village applies to the property; no change to the Regional Category is proposed with the Project. The GPA would also amend the Spring Valley Community Plan maps and text to be consistent with the project. A Specific Plan Amendment would amend the Rancho San Diego (Sweetwater-Avocado) Specific Plan (SP-74-01) to amend the land use designation from General Commercial to Multi-Family Residential, for consistency with the proposed GPA. A Rezone would change the zoning designation from General Commercial (C36) to Multi-Family Residential (RM). A Site Plan is required due to the “B” special area designator, ensuring the project is reviewed for community design consistency. A Minor Deviation will be processed to remove the property from Major Use Permit MUP-70-299, which was approved in 1970 for Sweetwater Village, a Planned Residential Development covering the area west and northwest of the project site along Austin Drive. Finally, the Tentative Map is required for the condominium subdivision.

Project Contact: Denise Russell | Denise.Russell@sdcounty.ca.gov | (858) 694-2019


PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD (JUNE 13, 2019 - JULY 29, 2019)