Department Description & Mission Statement

Department Description

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for: County-maintained roads; traffic engineering; land development civil engineering review; design engineering and construction management; land surveying and map processing; cartographic services; watershed quality and flood protection; County airports; solid waste planning and diversion; inactive landfills; wastewater systems management; and permanent road divisions.

DPW Mission Statement

The Department of Public Works preserves, enhances and promotes quality of life and public safety through the responsible development and maintenance of reliable and sustainable infrastructure and services in the unincorporated region.

  • Commitment:  Promote a culture that provides responsive service through highly motivated, professional and knowledgeable staff in a safe, fair and efficient work environment.
  • Integrity:  Provide leadership and promote collaboration to balance stakeholder interests.
  • Stewardship:  Manage resources to continually improve services, and balance safety and infrastructure needs with protection of the environment.