McClellan-Palomar Noise Abatement Program


Safety Issues: Reports on safety issues must be made to the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) at (858) 502-9882.


McClellan-Palomar Airport March 2018 Monthly Airport Performance Report

As our community develops, residential noise sensitive areas near the airport continue to expand. Please study the noise sensitive areas depicted on the pilot handout. The recommended (ATC and safety permitting) noise abatement program is presented here to help preserve quality of life in our community and represent minimal restrictions on aircraft arriving and departing McClellan-Palomar Airport.


No noise abatement procedure is allowed to compromise ATC instructions or flight safety.

Brüel & Kjær WebTrak

McClellan-Palomar Airport is pleased to provide Brüel & Kjær WebTrak – an internet based service application which enables the local community the ability to perform their own flight track investigations from any computer with internet access.  This service will add significant value to the community outreach program throughout the McClellan-Palomar Airport area of influence by increasing the accuracy of data collection.  WebTrak provides the community with the opportunity to search for information about flights as it relates to their situation.  It personalizes the information at an individual level, shifting the focus from general to very specific information and directly involving the user as part of the process.  By allowing investigation of track and flight information, the airport can:

• enhance the public understanding through transparency and interaction

• reduce the level of operational support required for enquiries

• engage in more meaningful dialogue with the community

View the Brüel & Kjær WebTrak page for Palomar Airport  (Please note the new link, and update your bookmark accordingly.)