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Sewer Design Standards

Wastewater related projects vary in size and complexity.  Prior to beginning any work impacting District owned facilities, please call our engineering staff for design information and requirements.  Design standards are provided to assist contractors, consultants, and design engineers with establishing cost-effective, reliable, and safe wastewater collection system infrastructure.

The design standards provided herein should be used in conjunction with applicable and current standard drawings, specifications, codes, laws and industry requirements for the planning and design of wastewater infrastructures.

The District utilizes the City of San Diego’s “Sewer Design Guide” and the “Water Agencies’ Standards” (WAS) for the planning and design of sewer facilities.  Design information such as maintenance hole separation requirements, minimum pipe slopes, and pipe material can be found in the above mentioned references.  We recommend that you contact District engineering staff prior to completing your design to receive their review and any potential design modifications that may be requested.


Standard Drawings and Specifications

In addition to the design guides referenced above, the District utilizes various standard drawings and specifications.  Below is a list of standards and specifications with a brief description of each.

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Permit Information

Below is a list of District related permits.

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  • Wastewater Discharge Permit - Residential & Commercial Customers

    Connection to the District’s sewerage system requires a Wastewater Discharge Permit.  This will be issued to Residential, Commercial, or Industrial users.

  • Traffic Control Permit

    When sewer-related construction interferes with the normal function of a roadway, temporary traffic control is necessary to ensure public safety and avoid confusion or hazards to vehicles and pedestrians.  The contractor is responsible for obtaining a traffic control permit for any work on a County-maintained roadway or in the County right-of-way.  For additional information regarding a traffic control permit, please contact DPW Traffic Engineering Section, Traffic Control Permits at 858-694-3863.

  • Excavation/Construction Permit

    Depending on the size and impact of the proposed project, an Excavation/Construction Permit may be required.  Prior to commencement of any excavation or work within the County’s Right-of-Way, please contact the County of San Diego, Planning and Development Services (PDS) at 858-694-2055 for information.

  • Wastewater Encroachment Permit

    Utilities or objects proposed to be placed in close proximity to a District sewer line, or within a District easement, may require a wastewater encroachment permit.


    Permits for traffic control, excavation/construction, encroachment, and wastewater discharge can be obtained at the Department of Planning and Development Services building, 5510 Overland Ave, 1st Floor, San Diego, CA 92123.

  • Wastewater Discharge Permit - Industrial Customer

    Certain types of businesses may be required to obtain an Industrial Wastewater Discharge permit based on the chemical constituents of their discharge.

  • Batch Discharge Permit

    Short-term construction or remediation projects that will generate temporary wastewater discharges are required to obtain a Batch Discharge permit.


    Permits for Industrial Wastewater Discharge or Batch Discharge will be issued by the City of San Diego’s Industrial Wastewater Control Program, but will be coordinated and approved by District representatives.  For information about these permits contact the District at (858) 514-4990.


Sewer Notes

Specific sewer-related notes shall be placed on project plans for sewer construction.  Click here to access the Districts most current SEWER NOTES


Project Issue Resolution Conference

For land development projects processed through Planning & Development Services, a Project Issue Resolution (PIR) Conference is a meeting that includes an applicant, our Executive Management team, and County Project Staff to discuss issues and identify solutions that were not able to be resolved with a County Project Manager due to interpretations of a code or other unique circumstances related to a project. The County is committed to helping customers navigate the land use permit process and ensuring customer satisfaction. The County recognizes land development can be complex and each project is unique. The goal of the PIR process is to help facilitate processing of each permit application in an efficient and timely manner by elevating technical project issues to our Executive Management team.  For more information, please see the PDS page.