Structural BMPs

Welcome to the County of San Diego's webpage for stormwater structural BMPs. You can use this website to do the following:

  • Submit your annual structural BMP maintenance verification. Did you receive a letter from the County about your structural BMP? If so, continue to our Structural BMP verification page to submit your BMP verification online.



If you have questions about your post-construction structural BMPs, please contact us at or (858) 495-5323.


Every summer, the County notifies property owners (by mail) of their responsibility to verify that their structural BMPs are maintained and operating properly.

Property owners must submit this verification to the County by October 1st (the official start of the rainy season).

In accordance with Section 67.812(b) of the County Code of Regulations, if property owners do not respond to the notification to verify, the County may initiate an enforcement investigation or follow-up inspection.