Maintaining My Structural BMP

Structural BMP

Welcome to the County of San Diego's website for structural BMP maintenance. You can use this website to do the following:

1. Learn about common types of structural BMPs and the structural BMP program.

  • What are structural BMPs?
  • What is their purpose?
  • How do they work?

2. Verify that your structural BMP is maintained using the online Self Verification portal.

Before you start, view our instructions for submitting your structural BMP photos online, and make sure you have the following:

  • Your Operation and Maintenance Verification Letter  (mailed to you each summer)
  • 1 photo of each structural BMP

3. If you prefer to verify maintenance by mail or email, review the step-by-step instructions to submit via mail or email.



In accordance with Section 67.812(b) of the County Code of Regulations, property owners are responsible for submitting documentation of their inspection findings and maintenance activities annually. Each year, the County mails Operation and Maintenance Verification forms to property owners and occupants. Completing and returning these forms satisfy a responsible party’s obligation to demonstrate annual proof-of-maintenance. If verification forms are not returned after multiple mail-outs, the County may initiate an enforcement investigation or follow-up inspection.