Maintaining My Structural BMP

Structural BMPs

Welcome to the County of San Diego's Maintaining my Structural BMP webpage. If you want to know more about BMP maintenance, visit our "Quick Links" listed below.

Did you receive a stormwater Structural Best Management Practice (SBMP) Letter in the mail from the County of San Diego? If so, keep’re in the right place! Explore the options below to fulfill your BMP requirements and help protect our waterways from pollution.

For general information about the program, read our Structural BMP Information Guide.

Para obtener información general sobre el programa, lea nuestra Guía de Información.


Submitting online is an easy & convenient way to complete this process without having to mail in your verification form(s)!

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Property owners are responsible for submitting documentation of their inspection findings and maintenance activities annually before the start of the rainy season (October 1st). Beginning in July, the County mails notification letters to property owners. In accordance with Section 67.812(b) of the County Code of Regulations, if property owners do not respond to the notifications, the County may initiate an enforcement investigation or follow-up inspection.