Structural BMP Guidance for Property Owners

Development projects replace natural landscapes with man-made structures like driveways, parking lots, and buildings. Unlike natural landscapes capable of absorbing rain water, new hardscapes associated with development generate increased amounts of storm water runoff. This runoff can carry pollutants such as trash, fertilizers, pesticides, and sediment into our nearby creeks, rivers, and ocean. To reduce the negative impact storm water runoff can have on our local waterways, certain developed properties are required to maintain structural best management practices, or " structural BMPs”. Guidance under this section is intended for home owners, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), or property management companies that own or manage structural BMPs.

The County is required to verify proper maintenance of existing structural BMPs. In addition to conducting periodic inspections of structural BMPs, the County operates a program to verify annual operation and maintenance of structural BMPs within its jurisdiction.


Annual Operation and Maintenance Verification:

In accordance with Section 67.812(b) of the County Code of Regulations, property owners are responsible for submitting documentation of their inspection findings and maintenance activities annually. Each year, the County mails Operation and Maintenance Verification forms to property owners and occupants. Completing and returning these forms satisfy a responsible party’s obligation to demonstrate annual proof-of-maintenance. If verification forms are not returned after multiple mail-outs, the County may initiate an enforcement investigation or a follow up inspection.

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