Structural BMPs: Instructions for Annual Operation and Maintenance Verification

BMP Program Flyer

If you received a letter from the County of San Diego regarding structural BMPs located on your property, you are required to complete the following steps. For more information on structural BMPs and your responsibilities for maintenance, please read our Structural BMP Information Guide.

Please review the steps below to fulfill your BMP requirements and help prevent pollutants from entering our waterways.

Step 1: Locate all of your BMPs

Your BMPs will be listed on the Operation and Maintenance Verification Forms sent to you by the County each year. Their specific locations are listed on your development’s grading plan. To assist you in locating your Structural BMPs on your property, you may access a map on the Structural BMP Verification Portal.

Step 2: Inspect and maintain your BMPs

Your Operation and Maintenance Verification Forms will include instructions on how to inspect and maintain your BMP. Typical maintenance includes removing trash and accumulated sediment, trimming overgrown vegetation, repairing eroded areas, and replacing damaged BMP components. For BMP specific guidelines, review our BMP Fact Sheets.

Step 3: Take a photo of your BMP

After your BMP has been inspected and/or maintained, take a photo of the BMP. The photo should show that the BMP is in good condition and ready for the upcoming rainy season. Make sure to take at least one photo of each BMP. View our guidelines for taking photos of your BMPs.

Step 4: Submit your information online

Follow the instructions to submit online through the Structural BMP Verification Portal.

If you submit through the Structural BMP Verification Portal, you DO NOT need to send in any additional documents.

If you are unable to submit through the portal, you may send your Operation and Maintenance Verification Forms, BMP photos, and any other documentation (service invoices, receipts, etc.) to the County by email:

Include your address and the words "Self-Verification" in the subject line.

Note: Emails sent to this address must be smaller than 10MB. Larger emails cannot be received.