Structural BMP Verification

Structural BMP Online Portal

Stormwater structural BMPs require regular maintenance to effectively remove pollutants from stormwater runoff. To verify that your structural BMPs are properly maintained, you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Inspect your BMPs

The envelope you receive from the County will include general guidance on how to inspect and maintain your BMPs. If you need help locating your BMPs, you can visit the County's Structural BMP Verification Portal to view a map with the location of your structural BMPs.

Step 2: Maintain your BMPs

Typically, maintenance will include removing trash and accumulated sediment, repairing eroded areas, trimming overgrown vegetation, and replacing any damaged components. View our Structural BMP Fact Sheets for more information about maintaining specific BMP types.

Step 3: Take photos of your BMPs

After all necessary maintenance has been completed, take photos of each BMP. View our BMP Photo Guidance for tips to help you take effective BMP photos.

Step 4: Submit your BMP verification


Before you get started, read our online submittal instructions to help you fill in and submit your required maintenance information and photos.


Emails larger than 20MB cannot be received. If your email is larger than 20MB, please send attachments and photos separately. Include your address and "Structural BMP Inspection and Self-Verification Program" in the subject line.


Visit our Structural BMP Operation and Maintenance Verification Form page to view an example of a completed form, to access a sample of a letter sent to owners of S-BMP(s) to verify maintenance, and to download PDFs of fillable forms for your structural BMPs.

Please contact us at or (858) 495-5323 if you have any questions.