County's Energy Management Program

San Diego County spends $26.7 million annually on utilities (electricity, natural gas, propane, water/sewer) to operate over 8.6 million square feet of County facilities, along with parks, airports and other infrastructure. We have a Strategic Energy Plan that provides both long and short term goals to reduce utility usage and costs and minimize our impact on the environment. San Diego County has enacted policies, established programs and implemented projects to achieve these goals.

Click on the links below to learn more about our action plan and goals of the Energy Management Program.

•  County of San Diego Strategic Energy Plan 2015-2020
•  County of San Diego Strategic Energy Plan 2015-2020 - Progress Report for FY 2015-2016 
•  County of San Diego Strategic Energy Plan 2013-2015 - Progress Report for FY 2014-2015
•  County of San Diego Government Operations Emissions Inventory
•  Energy Efficient New Construction
•  Explore Alternative Energy Supplies
•  Improve Energy Efficiency
•  Increase County Vehicle Efficiency
•  Power Demand Reduction
•  Renewable Energy
•  Utility Monitoring and Reporting