About Behavioral Health Services

luke bergmann 2019Luke Bergmann PhD, Director

The County of San Diego’s Behavioral Health Services (BHS) department provides mental health and substance use disorder services to over 111,000 San Diego County residents of all ages, which includes the expanded capacity resulting from the implementation of the Drug MediCal Delivery Organized System (DMC-ODS). Services are provided through 10 county operated programs, over 300 contracts and 800 individual fee-for-service providers. BHS offers services across the lifespan through coordinated systems of care.

BHS embraces  Live Well San Diego, the County’s over-arching initiative to promote healthy, safe and thriving communities throughout the County of San Diego.  Please explore this site for more information about Behavioral Health Services.

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The material provided on this page is for reference only.  If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1. If you need support or are actively seeking services, please call the ACL at 1 (888) 724-7240 and an experienced counselor will provide you with a referral to meet your needs and help determine eligibility.