Monkeypox (Mpox) Vaccine

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What You Need to Know

MPOX Vaccine

Get your Mpox vaccine from a provider near you. Contact your healthcare provider or visit to schedule an appointment for your no-cost vaccine.

Click here for a list of County coordinated vaccination sites.

While there is currently adequate vaccine supply, vaccine providers can offer vaccine to any patients who may be at risk. Persons who request vaccination should receive it without having to attest to specific risk factors.

The following is a list of County-coordinated vaccination sites. Please visit the Mpox Vaccinations Schedule webpage for more information.

  • Central Region Public Health Center (San Diego)*
    • 5202 University Ave., 92105
  • East Public Health Center (El Cajon)* 
    • 367 N. Magnolia Ave, 92020 
  • North Central Public Health Center (San Diego)* 
    • 5055 Ruffin Rd., 92123
  • North Coastal Live Well Health Center (Oceanside)* 
    • 1701 Mission Ave., 92058 
  • North Coastal Public Health Center (Oceanside)*
    • 3609 Ocean Ranch Blvd., 92056
  • North Inland Public Health Center (Escondido)* 
    • 649 W. Mission Ave, 92025 

* Point of Dispensing (POD) County Regional Sites

 Vaccine-Related Frequently Asked Questions

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Vaccination Schedule and Dosing Regimens for JYNNEOS Vaccine1

  • JYNNEOS vaccine is approved for the prevention of mpox and smallpox disease.
  • The standard regimen for JYNNEOS involves a subcutaneous route of administration with an injection volume of 0.5mL. In the context of the current national Public Health Emergency, an alternative regimen involving intradermal administration with an injection volume of 0.1mL may be used under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).
  • People can be vaccinated after exposure to mpox virus to help prevent mpox disease (i.e., post-exposure prophylaxis).
  • No data are currently available on the clinical efficacy or effectiveness of JYNNEOS vaccines in the current outbreak.
  • Because there are limitations in our knowledge about the effectiveness of these vaccines in the current outbreak, people who are vaccinated should continue to take steps to protect themselves from infection by avoiding close, skin-to-skin contact, including intimate contact, with someone who has mpox.
  • Globally and in the United States, supply of JYNNEOS vaccine is currently limited, although more is expected in the coming weeks and months. In the United States, there is a large supply of ACAM2000, but this vaccine has more side effects and contraindications. Hence, it will not be used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 
  • For more information:


Route of Administration


number of Doses

Recommended Interval between
1st and 2nd Dose

Alternative Regimen

People age ≥18 years


0.1 mL


28 days

Standard Regimen

People age <18 years


0.5 mL


28 days

People of any age with history of developing keloid formation


0.5 mL


28 days

Mpox Vaccination Summary

Data are preliminary and subject to change

Note: Effective 1/10/2023, Mpox vaccine total and demographic graph will be updated on the first Tuesday of each month.

San Diego County Residents Vaccinated with at Least One Dose of Jynneos Vaccine


Data as of June 5, 2023

Data as of: June 5, 2023
Updated: June 6, 2023

Archived Mpox Vaccine Summaries

Note: Effective 1/12/23, the Cumulative Vaccine Summary and Vial Allocation by Phase are no longer being updated as providers directly may order vaccines from myCAvax.

For more information, contact the Epidemiology Unit at (619) 692-8499 or send us an e-mail.