Active Transportation Plan

POD 14-006


The County of San Diego has initiated an update to the Bicycle Transportation Plan, Pedestrian Area Plans and will create a combined Active Transportation Plan (ATP) in support of efforts to promote active transportation options through pedestrian and bicycle improvements in the unincorporated county. Development of the plan includes and analysis of existing pedestrian and bicycle conditions.


Public and community input will be important components of the plan development as the ATP will ultimately identify mobility improvements and provide a prioritization of projects for implementation. All members of the community are encouraged and welcomed to be participants in the outreach activities, including workshops, and on-line surveys, to be announced.


The ATP is funded by the State of California's Active Transportation Program and an Active Transportation Grant from the San Diego Association of Governments.

Please check back for projects updates. If you have any questions, contact Project Manager Everett Hauser, at 858-694-2412 or