Zoning Code Clean-Up

POD 17-004

Project Contact:  PDS.LongRangePlanning@sdcounty.ca.gov  | (858) 694-2960



The Zoning Ordinance Clean-Up is a County initiated Zoning Ordinance Amendment and is intended to provide a regular mechanism for making changes to the Zoning Ordinance to allow for corrections discovered during implementation or to reflect changing circumstances. Staff maintains an ongoing list of potential ordinance and code changes that are either suggested by customers, community members, or County staff who regularly utilize these documents. Staff also tracks changes in State and Federal law that require revisions to ordinances and codes. The proposed revisions for this project are intended to improve the clarity of regulations, to streamline regulations or correct errors that create difficulties for customers and staff, to add definitions or regulations that address new uses or business practices, and to implement State and Federal law. This project is the 31st Zoning Ordinance Clean-Up since the Ordinance was originally adopted in 1978.

Planning Commission Recommendation:

On January 25, 2019, the County of San Diego Planning Commission voted to support staff recommendation for all items, with the following exceptions:

  • Zoning Clean Up Item 4 – Section 3125 – Racing Pigeons: This item was deferred back to staff for further analysis.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 9 – Section 6118 – Healthcare Trailers: This item was deferred back to staff for further analysis.
  • County Code Clean Up Item 1 – Regulatory Code Title 5 – Light Pollution: The Light Pollution regulations were deferred back to staff for further analysis. The errata to add a definition to the County Regulatory Code for Small Cell Wireless Facilities was recommended by the Planning Commission.
  • County Code Clean Up Item 2 – Section 375.19:  update was withdrawn by staff. Section 375 and Section 375.20 were recommended by the Planning Commission.

January 25, 2019 Action Sheet

Board of Supervisors Direction:

On February 27, 2019, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors voted to approve staff recommendation for all items that were not deferred by the Planning Commission:

  •  Zoning Clean Up Item 1 – Section 1006 – Applicability of the Zoning Ordinance: Add Zoning Ordinance exemptions for County libraries, Sheriff Stations, Fire Stations, and state-owned public lands.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 2a – Section 1100 – Definitions: Update definition of Public Passive Park/ Recreation Area.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 2b – Section 1100 – Definitions: Update definition of Trailer Coach.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 3 – Section 1265 – Group Residential: Allow separate kitchens for Group Residential (group quarters) that are authorized by permit or restricted to seniors.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 5 – Section 4010 – Specific Plans: Update regulations to make specific plans applicable to properties that are covered by an adopted and currently valid specific plan.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 6 – Sections 4011 & 6903 – Legal Lots with Split Zoning: Add parking requirements for commercial and residential split zoned properties.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 10a – Section 6156 – Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulation: Update ADU regulations to be consistent with new state laws.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 10b – Section 6156 – Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations: Adopt new Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 10c – Section 6156 – Residential and Agricultural Uses (Guest Living Quarters): Update Guest Living quarters regulations.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 10d – Section 6156 – Residential and Agricultural Uses (Ministerial Permits): Update requirements to allow for ministerial approval of guest living quarters, and additional height/story.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 11 – Section 6157 – Farm Employee Housing: Remove Administrative Permit requirements for Farm Employee Housing.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 12 – Sections 6350, 6360 & 7400 – Density Bonus: Density Bonus – Incentive increases.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 13 – Section 6787– Location of Parking: Edit spelling error.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 14 – Section 6910– Wholesale Limited, Boutique and Small Wineries: Update provisions related to Alcohol and Tobacco tax and Trade Bureau bonds, and emergency response standard requirements.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 15 – Section 6980– Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Small Wireless Facilities: Update regulations to establish process and regulations for small scale wireless facilities.
  • Zoning Clean Up Item 16 – N/A: 183-074-04-00 – Update inconsistent zoning on specific property.
  • County Code Amendment – Section 375 – Ex Parte Communications: Update filing requirements for County staff and other members.
  • County Code Amendment – Title 7, Division 1, Chapter 6 (Section 71.614): Add definition of Small Cell Wireless Facility Permits. 

Below is the Minute Order from the February 27, 2019 meeting detailing the Board’s action:

For additional information please see the County webpage on Small Cell Wireless Facilities.