Energy Programs

The County of San Diego (County) recognizes the impact population growth and development has on its environment.   The County has taken steps towards protecting local resources and ensuring residents, businesses, and visitors have healthy, safe, and sustainable communities. The County is interested in leading by example and illustrating ways in which we can work together to mitigate an ever changing climate and regional landscape. 

In addition to the County's commitment and dedication to cleaner, more efficient behaviors, the actions taken in support of and in conjunction with this commitment maintain the County's consistency with State law and directives, including Assembly Bill (AB) 32, Governor's Order S-3-05, and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines.

The County has accepted the responsibility and continues to initiate and spread awareness of, identify concern and impacts on, and further its leadership in sustainable practice and program development and administration. The importance in making changes, both internally and externally, are paramount in establishing the tone and direction the County takes on preserving our neighborhoods.

There are many approaches and methods for addressing these changes.  Primarily, the County has identified the following as key to the success of existing and future energy efficiency, sustainability and conservation programs:

  • Internal Changes:  These efforts include those focused on adjusting internal, enterprise-wide, County policies, procedures, guidance documents and best practices.
  • External Changes:  Those with which residents, local businesses, and planning practices can make to improve employment opportunities, stimulate local business, and sustain existing and future energy and resource needs.
  • Coordination:  Coordination is a two pronged endeavor.  Recognizing the need to share ideas, resources, and experience, coordination is crucial to staying current and aware of successes and deficiencies, and to knowing what opportunities are available to help the County strive to reach our goals and meet local needs we have committed to achieve. 
    • Regional Coordination is essential in identifying, implementing, and collaborating for the benefit of San Diego County.   Recognizing the needs of the region as a whole allows for cost savings and sharing, compliance with existing and proposed mandates, unified and seamless program administration and delivery, and to endorse the current desire for San Diego County to continue to move towards a more self sufficient, energy efficient, and sustainable region.  Regional partners include local jurisdictions, public agencies, private organizations, and interested parties.
    • General Coordination is equally critical in assuring the County continues to receive support, funding, input, and recognition on policy development, legislative mandates, and other changes to current practices and programs. General Coordination functions as Regional Coordination does outside of San Diego’s boarders.  The critical players include other Regional, State and Federal Agencies and organizations.

The County of San Diego continues to understand and recognize the need to establish and maintain practices and programs to protect our resources, our citizens, and our future.


Programs & Information:

Climate Action Plan