Self-Certification Program: Residential Minor Grading

The County of San Diego allows for Residential Minor Grading be done under the self-certification process. The full list of requirements can be found in the Rules handout.

If you are interested in more information or would like to register into the program please contact Sylvia Mendez at (858) 495-5483 or email


Eligible Projects Projects Not Eligible
  • Minor Grading projects which grading does not exceed:
    - 2,500 cubic yards of soil
    - 200 cubic yards of import or export

Requires a CA registered Civil Engineer, or Land Surveyor to self-certify
  • Grading located in a Special Area Regulations, or subject to California Environmental Quality Act review.
  • Grading in FEMA Special Floodplain Hazard Area
  • Grading in a Hillside Development Area
  • Grading projects which include additional grading for driveways or landscaping outside of the pad footprint
  • Grading projects where grading exceeds:
    - 2,500 cubic yards of soil
    - 200 cubic yards of import or export
    - Does not include a custom single-family residence

Training Handouts
Required Forms for Submittal
Self-Certification Rules
Self-Certification Flowchart
Application - Residential Minor Grading
Field Changes and Revisions
Frequently Missed Items - Res. Minor Grading
Res. Minor Grading Sample Corrections List
Application - Res. Minor Grading
Owner/Tenant Certification Statement
Hold Harmless Letter - Res. Minor Grading

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