Code Compliance Division

The Code Compliance team provides services to address community concerns and violations of our codes and ordinances in the unincorporated area of San Diego County. We respond to requests from residents to investigate concerns and educate the public about County Codes to gain voluntary compliance. Protecting the community's resources is important to PDS, and we are committed to the enforcement of County Codes. We are also committed to a high level of customer service, and prompt resolution of any Code Compliance issues whenever possible. We have included helpful links and information below.

NEW: Code Compliance has moved to the second floor of 5510 Overland Ave. For the full address, visit our Contact Us page

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Code Compliance is committed to improving services by using outcome-based performance metrics to measure performance and department goals.

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Performance Metrics Goal Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total Average
Total Open Cases 3,092 646 521 608   1,775 N/A
Total Closed Cases 2,750 494 604 621   1,719 N/A
Respond to Complaints Within 24 Hours 95% 61% 75% 97%   N/A 78%
Complaint to Inspection Within 5 Days 80% 77% 67% 76%   N/A 73%
Cases Closed Within 12 Months 60% 58% 60% 59%   N/A 59%
Voluntary Compliance 95% 89% 90% 90%   N/A 90%


Code Compliance Pages

Please see the Code Compliance pages below for detailed information about the division.