Camp Lockett Master Plan and Rezone

PDS2017-POD-17-003; PDS2020-REZ-20-005; PDS2020-ER-20-00-001

The Camp Lockett property consists of approximately 400-acres of land located in the the Campo/Lake Morena Community Planning area within unincorporated San Diego County. The Master Plan proposes to rezone the Camp Lockett property to allow civic, cultural, visitor, and community-oriented uses and to establish long-range goals and objectives intended to revitalize the Campo/Lake Morena community. In addition, the Rezone would include a Historic Area Special Area Designator over portions of the site. The Master Plan will accommodate future museums, historical displays, and community-serving facilities such as parks and community centers on the site. Access to the project site is provided by local roads connecting to SR-94. For the majority of the project site, water and wastewater would be served by the Campo Water Maintenance District. The Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian Facility would be served by an onsite wastewater treatment system.

The Master Plan does not specifically propose development at this time, though it does identify conceptual uses. It is intended to be a planning document that guides the development of the Camp Lockett area. This plan also intends to implement the General Plan by providing a special set of planning policies and development standards. Any new developments within the defined area must be consistent with the Master Plan. The Master Plan provides a policy framework to guide development and design, as well as the implementation of subsequent projects.

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