Partner Agencies

The San Diego County Fire Authority administers and manages fire protection enhancement contracts with CAL FIRE, Fire Protection Districts, Water Districts and Volunteer Agencies.

Contracts have been negotiated with CAL FIRE; the San Diego Rural, Deer Springs, San Miguel Fire Protection District and Pine Valley Fire Protection Districts; and the Mootamai, Pauma, and Yuima Municipal Water Districts to provide additional staffing resources. The agreement with CAL FIRE allows CAL FIRE to provide fire protection services on behalf of the County.

Additionally, select CAL FIRE stations are assigned a certain number of volunteer stations to work with to guarantee that they are eligible for and receiving joint and standard training opportunities. These contracts integrate career and volunteer firefighters into one system of responders.

In addition to the above contracts, existing contracts with the volunteer fire agencies serving County Service Areas (CSA) have been amended to provide improved coordination, planning, training, equipment, and standardization of services. Similar contracts were negotiated with other volunteer agencies, and the Julian Cuyamaca and Borrego Fire Protection Districts, which were also in need of additional resources for fire protection services. The funding for the volunteer departments is primarily for operating expenses. Volunteer departments still maintain their ability to raise funds and receive donations.

County Service Area (CSA) 135 Stations

  • County Volunteer Fire Station 18 - De Luz
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 40 - Campo
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 47 - Boulevard
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 52 - Warner Springs
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 58 - Ranchita
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 59 - Sunshine Summit
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 49 - Mount Laguna
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 79 - Palomar Mountain
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 85 - Intermountain
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 84 - San Pasqual
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 95 - Ocotillo Wells
  • County Volunteer Fire Station 98 - Shelter Valley

Fire Protection Districts

Pine Valley Fire Protection District

  • PV Station 44

Other Partner Agencies

Yuima Water District
Mootamai Water District
Pauma Municipal Water District
Borrego Springs Fire Protection District
Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District

  • Julian Fire Station 56
  • Cuyamaca Fire Station 57