Residential KnoxBox Program

Why? Give firefighters emergency access to your home.  If there is a fire or other emergency at your home, a locked door can slow down firefighters or paramedics. They may need to break the door to get into your home. County Fire can give  qualified residents a lock box with a key that firefighters can use to enter your home. 

The box is called a KnoxBox. It is free. County Fire will install the box.   

Who qualifies?

  • You must live in San Diego County Fire service area or Deer Springs Fire Protection District. (use the map below to see if you are in the service area)
  • One of these must be true:
    • You are 62 or older.
    • You have a disability.
    • You need help with one or more Major Life Activity (MLA). This includes caring for yourself, eating, using your hands.  See qualifying disabilities and definition of Major Life Activity  

See qualifying disabilities and definition of Major Life Activity.

How to Apply:


        Apply online


Fill out an Application Form (English)   La Aplicación (en Espanol)


Email to:

Or send by U.S. Mail to:

San Diego County Fire Protection District/Community Risk Reduction
5560 Overland Ave, Suite 400  
San Diego, CA 92123


We can help you apply. Call or email us.

Phone:  (858) 974-5744

Email to


After we approve your application, we will contact you to schedule a time to install the KnoxBox.


Map of eligible residents within San Diego County/Deer Springs



Eligible Residents are located in San Diego County Fire Protection and Deer Springs Fire Protection District  

(blue area of map)

Click the Image for interactive map.

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  • What do I get ready for the installation?

    Get these ready:

    • A spare house key to go into the box.
    • A signed agreement. There are two kinds. It will depend on how we install the KnoxBox. We will let you know which agreement to sign. If you rent the home, the landlord must also sign.

    KnoxBox Use Agreement

  • Stop using KnoxBox?

    If you have a KnoxBox but don’t want it, contact us at or call (858) 974-5744. We will remove the KnoxBox and return your home key.