Fire Mitigation Fee Program

The Fire Mitigation Fee Program was established, by ordinance, in January 1986 (Ord. No. 7066 (N.S.), effective 1-10-86). The purpose was to make provision for assessing and collecting fees for additional fire protection facilities and equipment necessitated by new development. The Fire Mitigation Fee Review Committee reviews the mitigation fees annually. The membership of the committee consists of two district fire chiefs, one elected director of a fire district, plus one representative each from the Building Industry Association, the San Diego County Farm Bureau and the Planning Commission; and one staff member from the San Diego County Fire Authority.

Calendar of Meeting Dates 

The Fire Mitigation Fee Review Committee meets on an annual basis

The next scheduled meeting will be in February of 2021 

Meetings are held at the County Operations Center

5510 Overland Avenue, Room 241

San Diego, CA 92123