Required Training and Certification

For many reasons including state and federal regulations, national standards, risk management and program goals, the minimum training and certification requirements for the Volunteer Reserve Firefighter position are substantial. Those interested in the volunteer reserve firefighter position with County Fire must currently meet all of the minimum qualifications detailed below at the time of application submission. All Program Requirements must be obtained within 18 months of being in the Program. 


All minimum qualifications must be met and valid at the time of application

  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or GED


  • Applicants must successfully pass a background and medical screening


All certifications listed below must be obtained within 18 months in the Program

  • Rescue Awareness Training and Certification  
    All courses must follow the curriculums prescribed and approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshal.
    • Confined Space Rescue Awareness (7 hours); OR
    • Confined Space Rescue Technician (40 hours); OR
    • San Diego Miramar College Fire Technology & Emergency Medical Technician: Course FIPT 322B Confined Space Awareness (8 hours); OR
    • Southwestern College Emergency Medical Technician: Course FS 161 Confined Space Awareness

  • Fire Protection Organization and Structure Fire Training and Certification
    • California State Fire Marshal Firefighter 1 certification
  • Hazardous Materials Training and Certification
    The certifying course is 16 hours in duration and maintaining the certification requires an annual 8-hour refresher. The certification must meet the standards established by the California Specialized Training Institute.
    • San Diego Miramar College Fire Technology & Emergency Medical Technician: Course FIPT 323B Hazardous Materials/WMD Operations; OR
    • Southwestern College Fire Science Program: Course FS 110 Hazardous Materials; OR
    • EMSTA College: Course Hazmat FRO – First Responder Operations Training; OR
    • California Specialized Training Institute: Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations