County of San Diego

COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The County of San Diego Emergency Rental Assistance Program provides grants of up to $3,000 to cover a maximum of two months’ rent for eligible households financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applications can be submitted starting December 1, 2020. The County will continue to take applications until funds are depleted.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and assistance will be paid directly to the landlord.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Areas: Individuals and families countywide. Residents who live within jurisdictions with their own COVID-19 rental relief program would not be eligible for the County program unless those jurisdictions’ funds have already been depleted. (All cities included except - Carlsbad, National City, and San Marcos)

Eligible Income: Household income must fall at or below 60% Area Median Income as established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. (See 60% AMI chart below)

COVID-19 Related Financial Hardship: Households must have experienced a financial hardship directly related to COVID-19. This includes loss or reduction of income due to COVID-19 or increase in medical expenses incurred as a direct result of COVID-19.

Other Eligibility Notes:

  • Households must not receive any other forms of rental subsidy such as Section 8 or other rental assistance programs, rapid rehousing assistance,
  • Only one application per residence will be permitted.
  • The applicant’s landlord must agree to participate in the program to process the emergency rental assistance grant.

Income Levels

To be eligible, the combined income of all persons in the household must fall at or below 60% Area Median Income (AMI). Please see AMI chart below.

Number of People in Household

Income Limit (60% Area Median Income)

1 $48,540 or less
2 $55,440 or less
3 $62,400 or less
4 $69,300 or less
5 $74,880 or less
6 $80,400 or less
7 $85,980 or less
8 $91,500 or less


Informational Documents:


Spanish (Coming Soon)

  • ERAP Flyer

Tagalog (Coming Soon)

  • ERAP Flyer

Arabic (Coming Soon)

  • ERAP Flyer


If you created an account on the Applicant Portal and applied before October 8, 2020, you can log into your account at ERAP Application Portal to check on the status of your application.


This page will be updated as new information becomes available, check back here for updates!