Perrin Oak Winery

PDS2016-AD-16-023; PDS2019-ER-19-09-008

The project proposes a Small Winery to include 25,000 square foot (SF) winery facility, 5,000 SF crush pad, 12,000 SF hospitality building, 1,500 SF climatized storage building, and 5 units of vineyard worker housing. The hospitality building would include a tasting room, event space, private tasting lounge, and retail sales and offices. The vineyards on site would supply 60% of grapes required for annual wine production volume, and staff up to 15 full-time and part-time employees. The winery would host up to 70 annual events for up to 250 people each, two annual wine release events, and one wine auction. The anticipated daily tours would be 75 people. The site is currently developed with 22 acres of vineyard. The property is located at 16168 Highland Valley Road in the Ramona Community Planning Area. The project site is subject to the General Plan Regional Category Rural, Land Use Designation Rural Lands 20 (RL-20). Zoning for the site is General Agricultural (A72). The project is consistent with the requirements of the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Access would be provided by three gated driveways connecting to Highland Valley Road. The project would be served by on-site septic systems and the Ramona Municipal Water District. Proposed earthwork quantities for the project consist of 7,000 cubic yards of excavation, 2,000 cubic yards of fill and 5,000 cubic yards of export. No import is being proposed by the project.

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PUBLIC REVIEW (June 4, 2020 - July 6, 2020)