Alpine Community Plan Update

PDS2016-GPA-16-011; LOG NO. PDS2018-ER-18-00-002; SCH NO. 2018081093

The Project includes a Community Plan Update and a General Plan Amendment (PDS2016-GPA-16-011).

The project is a comprehensive update to the Alpine Community Plan (Project) proposed by the County of San Diego (County). A Draft SEIR has been prepared in order to analyze and disclose the environmental impacts of the project. The Draft SEIR tiers from the General Plan Program EIR and the Forest Conservation Initiative SEIR and includes updated baseline conditions. The SEIR is programmatic in nature in that it analyzes the reasonably foreseeable impacts of the changes to the plan. It should be noted that the proposed project itself does not propose any specific development project that would result in physical impacts on the environment. However, it is reasonably foreseeable that future individual projects that are implemented under the Project could result in physical impacts on the environment.

A range of draft land use concepts were developed and presented to the public for feedback. Six alternatives for implementing land use changes reflecting different community viewpoints were considered. One of the alternatives were chosen as the proposed project (Village Focused), and five are fully evaluated as project alternatives in this SEIR.

The proposed project and each of the five alternatives propose varying land use designation changes for the different subareas. The proposed project analyzed within this SEIR includes the Village-Focused land use designations. The proposed project would update and refine the current community plan’s goals and policies to reflect the character of Alpine and guide future growth and development within the community, as well as change land use designations within four of the seven subareas identified within the Alpine Community Plan Area (CPA). These land use changes could result in increased density and intensity in the CPA compared to the existing land uses. The changes proposed in the Alpine CPU concentrate local services and residential density in the more developed Village area where there are existing infrastructure and services. However, to accommodate growth associated with the buildout of the proposed project, it is anticipated that new or expanded infrastructure would be required such as roads, water, wastewater treatment, stormwater drainage, electric power, natural gas, and/or telecommunications facilities.

The Alpine CPU provides guidance and opportunities for future growth within Alpine but does not mandate development. An implementation plan will be developed alongside the Alpine CPU which will identify funding sources and financial mechanisms for future CPU-consistent development and outline and prioritize potential projects that would assist in the implementation of the proposed project. A GPA would be required to incorporate the changes to the Community Plan including but not limited to land use designations and the mobility network. 

Alpine is an unincorporated community in the eastern portion of San Diego County, approximately 25 miles east of downtown San Diego, and is bisected by Interstate 8 (I-8). The Alpine CPA covers approximately 68,100 acres of land characterized by diverse geography, residential land use patterns, and an established town center area. The majority of the population is concentrated in and around the Alpine Village, which is adjacent to I-8, and includes residential and commercial centers. The Cleveland National Forest comprises most of the land in the eastern and northern portions of the Alpine CPA.

The Draft SEIR identified potentially significant environmental impacts to the following issue areas:

Aesthetics, Agriculture, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change, Wildfire, Hydrology and Water Quality, Mineral Resources, Noise, Public Services, Recreation, Transportation and Traffic, and Utilities and Service Systems.

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Public Review Period (November 4, 2020 - December 22, 2020)