Boulder Brush Facilities for Campo Wind Project NOP

PDS2018-MUP-19-002; LOG NO. PDS2019-ER-19-16-001

The Project includes a Major Use Permit (PDS2019-MUP-19-002).

Boulder Brush, LLC proposes an overhead 230 kilovolt (kV) gen-tie transmission line, a substation, and a switchyard on private land under the jurisdiction of the County of San Diego. All components of the Project will be subject to a Major Use Permit (MUP). The gen-tie line would carry wind energy from the proposed Campo Wind Energy Project on the Campo Indian Reservation to a proposed substation and switchyard on private land adjacent to the existing Sunrise Powerlink. The portion of the gen-tie line on private land would be approximately 3.5 miles in length, and would include 32 steel poles at a maximum height of 150 feet. The Project also includes access roads, staging areas, and a temporary concrete batch plant. Construction of the facilities on private land is anticipated to last approximately 9 months. Eventual decommissioning would occur at the end of the Project’s useful life. The development footprint of the proposed facilities under the County’s land use jurisdiction consists of approximately 200 acres within the McCain Valley area, north of the community of Boulevard and Interstate 8 (I-8). Primary access would be provided from I-8 with local access through Ribbonwood Road. The area is located within the Mountain Empire Subregion of the County

Project Contact: Nicholas Koutoufidis | (858) 495-5329 (General Project Questions)

Project Environmental Coordinator: Susan Harris | | (858) 694-3064

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PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD (February 14, 2019 - March 18, 2019)