San Pasqual Valley Road Tentative Map

PDS2017-REZ-17-001; PDS2017-TM-5620; PDS2017-AP-17-001; PDS2017-ER-17-08-009.

The project is a proposed residential subdivision of an 18.2-acre parcel into 14 single-family lots ranging in size from 1.07 acres to 1.83 acres. The project also proposes an Agricultural Preserve Disestablishment and a Rezone to remove the “A” Special Area Designation. The project site is located at 2260 San Pasqual Valley Road (APNs 234-261-23-00, 234-440-05-00, 234-430-21-00) in the North County Metropolitan Subregional Plan area within unincorporated San Diego County. An existing singlefamily residence will be retained on the site. Access to each parcel would be provided by private driveways connecting to a new private road which will connect to San Pasqual Valley Road (SR-78), a public road. Water service would be provided by the Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District and sewer services would be provided by on-site private septic systems. Earthwork would be balanced on-site requiring the cut and fill of 21,500 cubic yards of material. The project site is subject to the Semi-Rural General Plan Regional Category, Land Use Designation Semi-Rural Residential (SR-1). Zoning for the site is Limited Agricultural (A70). The project is consistent with the density and lot size requirements of the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

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Project Contact: Heather Steven | | (858) 495-5802


PUBLIC DISCLOSURE (June 25, 2020 - July 24, 2020)