Packaging, Labeling and Sales

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Pre-Packaged Food Inspection

All packaged commodities must indicate the net quantity on the principal display side of the package, which is the side of the package that consumers see. The net quantity excludes any wrapping or container for the product. Weights and Measures quantity control inspectors test these products using statistical methods to verify that the packages hold the correct amount. 

Weights and Measures regulations Labeling Guideline Sheet (pdf) for labeling of packages require, the following in English, referred to as “IRQ”:

  • Identity of the product
  • Responsibility statement that includes name, street address, and ZIP code
  • Quantity statement in both U.S./British measures and metric, on the principal display panel(s)

Weights and Measures inspectors conduct undercover test sales and purchases to verify that scales or measuring devices are being used properly, most often to check whether the proper tare weight (the weight for any sanitary paper, wrapping, cup, or container) is used.


Undercover test sales are routinely conducted at recycling centers to ensure you are paid accurately. Undercover test purchases are also conducted at grocery stores, deli’s, yogurt shops, or anywhere a business sells products directly to consumers using a scale or measuring device. Inspectors also routinely check that stores are charging the correct price.


Firewood in bulk must be sold by the cord or fraction of a cord, except when sold in quantities less than 1/8 cord. A cord is the amount of wood contained in 128 ft.3 when the wood is “ranked and well stowed” (parallel and touching with little space between pieces). Firewood dealers are required to leave an invoice with their name, address, date and amount of wood delivered. Customers may inquire if the dealer will stack the firewood. Learn more about firewood by watching "Don't Get Burned Buying Firewood"

Packaged or bundled firewood is required to meet labeling requirements that include identity, responsible party, and quantity.


CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS: General Complaint Form or

Please provide the following information to enable our inspectors to accurately investigate the complaint

  • Business name, address, and city
  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Brand name, product or items
  • Quantity purchased or sold

Include your name and telephone number, or name and e-mail address, to allow us to contact you with the results of our investigation. This information is kept confidential from the business location.