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Apiary Program

AWM’s Apiary Program works with beekeepers to monitor honey bee colony health in San Diego County. Our goal is to help beekeepers raise healthy and gentle bees, prevent pests and disease, and keep the public safe. 



Per state law, all beekeepers must register by January 1 each year or within 30 days of acquiring bees. This lets the County help beekeepers manage bee health and behavior. It also gives beekeepers the option to be notified before pesticides labeled as toxic to bees are used on blossoming plants within one mile of their hives. 

How to register your bees:

1. Complete either:    

a) BeeWhere online registration

• BeeWhere Registration Guide

• BeeWhere Video Tutorial


b) Apiary Registration Form

2. Complete BMP Checklist (unincorporated areas only)

3. Complete the free online beekeeping course (Required for first-time registrants in unincorporated areas, recommended for all beekeepers)

4. Submit Registrations and BMP Checklists to or:

County of San Diego
Agriculture, Weights & Measures
Attn: Apiary Program
9325 Hazard Way, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92123

There are currently no registration fees pending an update to regulations. Registered beekeepers will be notified when fees are due.


Questions? Call the Bee Hotline at 1-800-200-BEES (2337).

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