Petroleum Products

Fuel Sample 336x361

Retail Fuel Sample Inspection

Weights and Measures officials enforce California laws and regulations regarding most petroleum and automotive products. County inspectors routinely check labeling on motor fuel dispensers and underground tanks. Price signs must also meet specific requirements. Inspections are primarily conducted at the same time fuel meters are tested for accuracy. Samples of gasoline or other petroleum products suspected of contamination or inferior quality may be sent to the state lab for testing.


Gasoline stations are required to provide air and water free to customers who buy gasoline or diesel. If a disabled driver of a vehicle with a disabled person’s plate or placard, or a disabled veteran’s plate, requests and receives refueling service, the station should charge no more than the ordinary driver would pay without this service.


CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS: General Consumer Complaint Form or
Please provide the following information to enable our inspectors to accurately investigate the complaint.

  • Business name, address, and city
  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Product or items bought or sold
  • Specific complaint information
  • Pump number and grade of gasoline (for complaints against gas stations)

Include your name and telephone number, or name and e-mail address, to allow us to contact you with the results of our investigation. This information is kept confidential from the business location.