Weed ID Cards

The following resources are provided by Early Detection Rapid Response EDRR programs, for identification of invasive plant species found within San Diego County and those which may become established if introduced. Following general prevention, EDRR programs are the next best treatment method. EDRR programs prevent invasive plant species from becoming established, at which the eradication efforts become less affective and more costly. To increase the chances of early detection, community members and SDWMA members are encouraged to use and/or distribute the following EDRR sheets.

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7_EDRR Invasives ID sheets version 2-12-15_Page_01
3 EDRR tamarisk lepid spurges_20131007_Page_1
2_EDRR bratou ditgrav emespin_20131007_Page_1
9_Spotted KW and Purple Loosetrife_ID Sheet
4 EDRR hypcan planare salori_20131007_Page_1
1_EDRR araser arccal aspfis_20131007_Page_1
10_Target Weeds Poster_Page_2