Agricultural Water Quality Program

The County of San DIego Agricultural Water Quality Program (AWQ) helps to ensure that our waterways are protected by preventing pollutants from entering the County's storm drain system in compliance with our municipal Stormwater permit.

AWQ conducts outreach, inspections, and complaint investigations for commercial nurseries and greenhouse properties to reduce pollutants from entering streets and storm drains.







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State Required Enrollment in Agricultural Order

As of 2016 any and all commercial agricultural businesses operating in San Diego County are required to enroll in the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board’s (RWQCB) GENERAL ORDER NO. R9-2016-0004. This is also known as the “Ag. Order”

A commercial agricultural businesses is defined by this General Order as, “Any agricultural business or trade activity, including farms, nurseries, and orchards, that produces crops with the intent to make a profit.” More information on this state mandate can be found here:

All questions regarding these requirements  should be directed to the RWQCB. Contact information located here


County Ordinance

In 2013, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted Order R9-2013-0001, which requires the County and other land use jurisdictions in the region to reduce the discharge of pollutants in local waterways.

County of San Diego Watershed Protection Ordinance


If you would like to report a storm drain pollution violation, please call the County Storm Drain Pollution hotline at:

1 (888) 846-0800

or e-mail us at

If you have questions about our program or would like additional information, please call:

1 (858) 614-7786

or e-mail us at



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Agricultural Water Quality Program

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Stormwater Training

Stormwater Training Record Form (pdf)

Stormwater Annual Review Guidelines and Form (pdf)

Pesticide BMP's

Stormwater - Nurseries & Greenhouses

       San Diego County Department of Public Works - Landscaping

        Reducing Nutrient Runoff in the Rainbow Creek Watershed

        Rainbow Creek Nutrient Reduction and Management Plan    

Farming Information

Sedimentation From Agricultural Operations (pdf)