Export Certification - Phytosanitary Certificates

If you intend to ship plants or plant products out of the state or country, you may need a State or Federal Phytosanitary Certificate (PC).

Prior to being exported, certain commodities may require phytosanitary certification for freedom of insects and diseases, depending on the commodity and destination. Our Accredited Certifying Officials provide both quarantine inspection and certification services and are qualified to issue State and Federal Phytosanitary Certificates. Please see The Export Process Guide (Arabic | Chinese | Farsi | Korean | Somali | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamesefor additional details.

State and Federal Phytosanitary Certificates are issued through the USDA Phytosanitary Certificate and Issuance Tracking System (PCIT).  To set up a PCIT account, please go to https://pcit.aphis.usda.gov/pcit/faces/signIn.jsf

There are two types of federal certificates: certificates for domestic commodities (PPQ Form 577) and Reexported Foreign Commodities (PPQ Form 579).

For one-time phytosanitary certificate requests, please complete the Application for Phytosanitary Certificate and email your completed form to PHPP.AWM@sdcounty.ca.gov  Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by an inspector within 24-48 hours. Plan to provide at least two full business days’ notice for inspection and preparation of certificates.

There is a nominal charge for the inspector’s travel and time to perform this type of inspection, as well as fees for the certificate itself. Fees must be paid in full upon delivery of the certificate. For questions about fees, please refer to the fee schedule (below) or contact your assigned inspector.

For more information, please contact the Pest Exclusion Division at (760) 752-4700.

Breakdown of Fees

Pest Exclusion Fees FY 23/24

Certification of Plant Shipments for Quarantine Compliance


Domestic Plant Shipment Certification


International Plant Shipment Certification


Domestic Counter Service Certification


International Counter Service Certification


Specialized Field Inspections including: Field Growing Season, Sealed Load, Export/Import Treatment /Inspection


After Hours Inspection


Missed Appointment Fee


Additional Resources

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