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DPW crews patrol and fix our nearly 2,000 miles of County roadways, replace guardrails and continually repaint crosswalks and other legends in the roadway. They maintain a vast network of sewage pipes and pump stations. They build and maintain flood channels and water detention facilities. They keep our county drains and storm channels clear, keep our traffic signals and street lights lit. They design and build roadways, sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian pathways, equestrian trails,  bridges, and other solutions to our transportation needs. DPW operates eight County airports including McClellan-Palomar Airport, Gillespie Field, and Ramona Airport - a base for Cal Fire. DPW also works with private developers in building for the future - ensuring public facilities meet standards for safety. They oversee inactive landfills and help protect our environment. There is hardly a part of our public infrastructure that DPW does not help design, build, manage or keep operational to help ensure we have safe communities, sustainable environments, and healthy families.

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VIDEO: Watch this very quick video on how DPW builds and maintains public infrastructure, protects public health, and makes our lives better so we can all, Live Well.

DPW Pothole Repair

VIDEO:  Making Your Ride a Little Smoother  The life of a pothole is a short one in San Diego County with DPW Working for You


Scheduled Road Closures and Traffic Controls   Due to Construction or Special Events

Road Service Request Form   To Report a Pothole or Problem 

Determine if there are public drainage facilities on my property

Road Improvements and Other Projects   What DPW has Underway or Planned for the Future

Resurfacing Completed and Planned 14/15 to 20/21

Streetlights in the Unincorporated Area

Crews are Working For You   Video Archives Page

DPW Youtube   DPW Crews in Action


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