San Diego County Green Streets Program

The County of San Diego is working to improve water quality through effective stormwater management and infrastructure investments. The County is working to implement projects that treat stormwater and irrigation runoff, reduce specific pollutants impacting local waterbodies, and remove trash from the County’s municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4). Green infrastructure and capital improvement projects are identified to support the priorities established in the Water Quality Improvement Plans (WQIPs) for each of the eight watersheds that are in the unincorporated county. Water quality treatment strategies employed include biofiltration/retention basins, tree wells, pervious pavement, and screen/filter devices. Where possible, the County seeks to implement multi-benefit projects that improve water quality while also enhancing our resiliency to climate change and contributing to unincorporated communities that are sustainable and thriving.

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Long-Range Planning Documents

Current Projects

Cole Grade Road Enhanced BMP

In Development: Cole Grade Road Enhanced BMP, Valley Center

Goldentop Road Modular Wetland and Trash Capture
Mapleview Street Biofiltration and Channel Restoration
San Marino Drive Green Streets and Trash Capture
Woodside Avenue Green Streets and Sidewalks

In Development: Woodside Avenue Green Streets and Sidewalks, Lakeside

Estrella Park Biofiltration and Trash Capture
Los Coches Runoff Diversion to Sewer
Rainbow Green Streets

Rainbow Green Streets, Rainbow (Español)                             

Sweetwater Lane Park Trash Capture

Recently Completed Projects

Riverside Drive Channel Retrofit Project (Lakeside)


Riverside Drive Channel Retrofit Project (Lakeside)

Green Streets Clean Water Plan

Green Streets Clean Water Plan is being developed to identify multi-benefit green streets opportunities within the village areas of the western draining watersheds in the unincorporated County. Green streets are projects that implement green infrastructure BMPs within the County’s road right-of-way (ROW) to capture, slow, and filter stormwater. These BMPs are designed to treat runoff from impervious areas such as streets, sidewalks, and adjacent land areas. When integrated with complete streets and within development projects, they create additional urban greening and support walking, biking, and transit use, which in-turn supports economic, health, environmental, and community benefits.

Learn more about the County's Green Streets Clean Water Plan

Trash Order Implementation Plan

In 2015, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted regulations requiring local agencies to control the discharge of trash from the MS4 into surface waters (Trash Amendments). The Trash Amendments, which establish trash narrative water quality objectives, will be incorporated into the MS4 Permit upon its reissuance (currently scheduled for late 2021), and will prohibit the discharge of trash into the storm drain system. The County of San Diego has selected to implement measures to install, operate, and maintain full capture systems for all storm drains that capture runoff from priority land uses in the unincorporated County. For more information, please view the Trash Amendments Track 1 Implementation Plan submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board on December 3, 2018.