Military PPR Requests


Only the Airport Director, Manager, Assistant Manager, Operations Coordinator, or delegated personnel can grant a PPR number or verbally approve a military to request to conduct operations at any of the 8 County Airports. The requirements for submitting PPRs and operational considerations vary between airports so please make your requests which each airport as listed.

Borrego Valley Airport L08 - (760) 767-7415

Fallbrook Airpark L18 - (760) 723-8395

Gillespie Field SEE - (619) 956-4800

McClellan/Palomar Airport CRQ - (760) 431-4646

Ramona Airport RNM - (760) 788-3366

Agua Caliente Springs L54, Jacumba L78, and Ocotillo L90 - (760) 767-7415

For general questions and additional information, please contact County of San Diego Airports, Monday through Friday (8 AM to 5 PM) at (619) 956-4800 or at


PPR Requests for Agua Caliente Springs, Jacumba, and Ocotillo

PPR requests for Agua Caliente Springs, Jacumba, and Ocotillo Airports are requested to be submitted 48 hours in advance to allow for processing.  Same day requests are accepted but may not receive approval as staff may be out in the field or be unreachable to address them in a timely manner.

After approval is received, it is incumbent on the flight crew to review the airport facility directory and check Notices to Airmen before departing for the airport for any change in airport status or field conditions.  In addition, the flight leader should brief all personnel involved of the following:

   * All runways at these airports are closed sunset to sunrise as they are unlit

   * Jacumba and Agua - Skid/run-on landings and departures are prohibited on all paved surfaces

   * Ocotillo - All helicopters are to conduct operations on helicopter/tilt rotor area only

   * If capable, monitor the common traffic advisory frequency 122.9 for traffic in the vicinity

   * Report the following to (760) 767-7415 M-F 8AM to 5PM, other times (760) 884-0252:

     - aircraft incident, accident, or disabled aircraft

     - deteriorating field condition(s)

     - fuel or oil spill

   * Review airport information and diagrams included with approval notification

   * Follow recommended noise abatement, dust, and other recommendations

   * Ground crews and vehicles are not authorized without additional approval

   * When authorized, ground crews are responsible for any debris/trash removal

Requests can be made completing the on-line form below. Please have the following information available. 

    - Name of Requesting Official, email address, and phone number

    - Name of airport 

    - Date(s) requested for the operation/mission

    - Hours of operation, From/To

    - Military Branch making the request and Operations Base of aircraft

    - Point of contact for the operation, email and phone number

    - Description of the operation, include landing/departure area

    - Type and number of aircraft involved in the operation/mission

    - Total number of operations at the airport (sum of all aircraft)


Submitting Your PPR Request Online (L54-L78-L90)

Online PPR Request Form
On-line Prior Permission Request form
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