Fallbrook Airpark Noise Information


Safety Issues: Reports on safety issues must be made to the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) at (858) 502-9882.


Helicopter Ops

Helicopter/Rotocraft pattern is 500' AGL (1,200' MSL). Enter traffic pattern from the East on 45 degree to downwind leg. Helicopter base leg is mid-field. Continue on final leg to southern end of Transient ramp, just East of runway for touch and go operations. Additional restrictions: Helicopter/Rotocraft fuel or parking is unavailable. Helicopter pad CLOSED to transient aircraft. Helicopter/Rotorcraft restricted to touch & go operations. Hovers, Skid Landings and Auto-rotations are not permitted.

Noise Abatement Procedures

Traffic climb straight ahead to 1200' MSL. Runway 18 turn crosswind when abeam water tank 1.1 miles ESE of runway. Runway 18 extend downwind leg to allow 1/3 mile final approach. Fly downwind to east of high school. Recommended helicopter traffic pattern is an approach and departure at 492' AGL from and to east at mid runway.