Gillespie Field Business Parks


Gillespie Field Industrial Park

Gillespie Field Industrial Park is located east of Cuyamaca Street. Construction of Gillespie Field Industrial Park began in 1977. Approximately 70 acres, consisting of more than 30 individual lots, were completely developed, and by 1983, the park was totally occupied. Light manufacturing and product distribution predominate; however, other businesses include wholesale supply and service companies and one condominium project with approximately 30 separate small businesses.

Two large businesses occupying sites within this park are GKN Aerospace Chem-Tronics, Inc. (GKN) and Veridiam, Inc. GKN, an aerospace contractor and the largest industrial employer in the City of El Cajon, occupies 20 acres of land, half of which is on Gillespie Field property leased from the County. Veridiam, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality steel tubing formerly operating as Carpenter Technology, has been a tenant since 1961 and occupies about seven acres on the County’s Gillespie Field property. Other tenants in the Gillespie Field Industrial Park include Ewing Irrigation Products, Inc., Micro-Mode Products, Inc., Toyotalift, Inc. and others.


Business Park

Gillespie Field Business Park  

Located west of Cuyamaca Street, Gillespie Field Business Park, also known as Cuyamaca West, is a two-phase industrial/business development. Phase I was approved in 1988 with the developer’s groundbreaking in 1991. The project consisted of 11 lots, totaling more than 14 acres. The entire first phase was master leased for development by Diversified Properties. Tenants include Taylor Guitars,Combustion Parts, Inc. and others.

Phase II was developed by Sciacca Development Corporation and Matsix Investments. The area includes 17 lots, with a net of 32 leasable acres. Individual lots range from one to eight acres, with buildings from 15,000 square feet to over 120,000 square feet. The buildings accommodate established and growing companies engaged in research and development, light manufacturing and office processing activities. Tenants include CoxCom, Inc., ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation, Professionals Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc., Bekins Moving Solutions, Mouser Electronics, Inc., and others.


Marshall Ave Site

Coming Soon – Marshall Avenue Site

The next business park to be developed on County Airports’-owned land is Marshall Avenue Site.

The Marshall Avenue industrial development is located on the west side of Marshall Avenue. The ground leases with Dentt Development were approved in 2017. The development of the site is currently in-progress. Phase I, successfully completed in 2019, features four energy-efficient concrete buildings, the adjacent parking lots, and an attractive drought-tolerant landscaping. Most of the office and warehouse space is leased out to a variety of businesses. The completion of Phase 2 is expected in 2022.