Ramona Aviation Information


For IFR clearance during ATCT non-operating hours (2000 through 0800 local) contact TRACON at 800-448-3724, option #5

 Latitude 33-02-20N  Longitude 116-54-49W
 Variation 13E  Elevation 1395'
 Total acres ≈408  Location 2 mi. W Ramona
 Airport Manager Meadow Chase (Contractor)  Telephone 760.788.3366
 Frequencies  ATIS/ASOS  132.025
 GROUND  121.65
 TOWER/CTAF  119.875
 Unicom  122.95
Runway   9/27
Length/Width 5,000' x 150'
Surface Paved
Remarks Rotorcraft skid/run-on landings and takeoffs prohibited on runway and taxiway.
Helipad south of runway Remarks Operations at this helipad only when ATCT is open and VFR conditions exist.  Helipad limited to helicopters weighing 6,000lbs or less.
 Transient Parking Yes
 Fuel Yes
 Airlines No