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The Department of Public Works Engineering Services Division continually strives to improve and maintain our public infrastructure. Capital improvements include road, bridge, wastewater, stormwater, airport, and other projects that serve the public’s good and help ensure safe and thriving communities. The listing below is a small sampling of some of the projects being planned, already in the works, or recently completed. 

Featured Projects:

Rancho Santa Fe Roundabouts: 

The Rancho Santa Fe Roundabouts project aims to enhance traffic flow, safety, and connectivity in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego County. This capital improvement initiative encompasses the construction of strategically placed roundabouts, providing improved accessibility for pedestrians, equestrians, and cyclists. The project also includes stormwater drainage enhancements and the integration of Greenstreets infrastructure, all while preserving the area’s historic character. With a focus on minimizing impacts to property owners and adhering to current engineering standards, the project seeks to optimize traffic operations and enhance the overall transportation experience. Through community outreach and stakeholder engagement, the project team is working towards achieving a harmonious balance between functionality, safety, and the unique charm of historic Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding communities.

Mount Helix Drive Rock Wall: Mount Helix Drive Rock Wall (Wall) is located on Mount Helix Drive, in the unincorporated community of Valle de Oro in San Diego County (County). Mount Helix Drive includes a lower loop and an upper loop, with historic rock walls on both sides of the traveled way. Approximately 1.5 miles long, the walls were originally built in the early 1930s. In 1989 the Board of Supervisors rezoned Mount Helix Drive as a Historic Landmark to protect the historic integrity of the Wall. Furthermore, Valle de Oro's Community Plan states that the design of the road improvements should maximize "environmental and aesthetic considerations consistent with safety needs."

DPW's Multi-Year Road Resurfacing Program: The County of San Diego (County) Department of Public Works (DPW) maintains nearly 2,000 centerline miles of roads in unincorporated San Diego County. In April 2017, the Governor approved Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) to address a statewide funding gap for road maintenance. DPW has developed an expanded Annual Road Resurfacing Program to improve roads, roadway drainage, sidewalks, and other roadway facilities within the unincorporated county. Each year the program hires private contractors to resurface between 100 and 150 miles of roads. For additional information on DPW's Road Maintenance Program to increase the average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of unincorporated county roads to 70, please visit DPW's Annual Roadway Resurfacing Program webpage. 

Bradley Avenue Widening Project: will widen Bradley Avenue from west of Magnolia Avenue to east of Mollison Avenue, including replacing the bridge over State Route 67. 

Utility relocations are currently underway in preparation for the Bradley Avenue Widening Project. The Project will be constructed in two phases. Phase I consists of widening the portion between just east of Graves Avenue and Mollison Avenue from two to four lanes. Phase II will tie into Phase I completion, and it will include replacing the bridge over State Route 67 and improve the on and off ramps.

Quarry Road Bridge Project: Quarry Road, east of State Route 125 (SR 125), in Spring Valley has a low point in the road where it crosses over a creek. Dry weather flows in the creek pass under the road through culverts, but during a moderate to heavy rain event the creek flows over the roadway. Road closure gates were installed in the early 2000s, but they are not fail-safe, and occasionally malfunction due to vandalism. Traffic detours and delays occur when the road closes impacting residents and emergency services with potentially reduced response times in the area. The proposed project will replace low water crossing on Quarry Road, just east of SR 125, with a bridge and realigned roadway to provide safe access for residents, pedestrians, bicyclists, and emergency vehicles.

Cole Grade Road: The County of San Diego Department of Public Works (DPW) is currently designing a project to improve Cole Grade Road between Fruitvale Road and Pauma Heights Road. The Cole Grade Road Improvement Project proposes to widen this section of Cole Grade Road from two lanes to three lanes to improve traffic flow, while adding bike lanes and a trail along the west side of the road to enhance safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians.

Recently Completed Projects: 

Mapleview Street Biofiltration and Channel Restoration Project was constructed to improve water quality through implementation of green infrastructure and improved conveyance of stormwater flows. A series of biofiltration basins were constructed within the shoulder of the roadway, allowing for infiltration and treatment of stormwater runoff. The project also added green space and new sidewalks to enhance pedestrian safety and mobility. Approximately 2,500 linear feet of new sidewalk and pedestrian ramps were installed to close the sidewalk gaps along Mapleview Street between Vine Street and Pino Drive.

Cajon Air Center Phase II Project  improved the airfield drainage system by connecting the Cajon Air Center Phase 1 detention basin to the existing drainage system. The project also improved the runway object free areas (ROFA) and runway safety areas (RSA) on the airfield. The ROFA is an area surrounding the runway that must be kept free of any objects above ground level to provide adequate aircraft wing-tip clearance. The RSA is a designated area surrounding the runway that serves to enhance safety in case an airplane overruns the runway. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) identified this drainage project as a priority and received federal grant funding. Project was completed in December 2020. 

Dehesa Road at Harbison Canyon Road Intersection Improvement Project consisted of traffic signal installation and road widening to provide turn lanes. It also included replacement and extension of storm drains, construction of new sidewalks and bioswales. Project was completed in June 2020. 

Fuerte Drive at Alzeda Drive Intersection Improvements Project included realignment along Fuerte Drive and widening at the intersection of Fuerte Drive and Alzeda Drive to accommodate a left turn pocket and improve sight distance and drainage. Project was completed in September 2019. 

Ammunition Road Sidewalk Improvements Project consisted of installing curb and gutter, sidewalk, and a retaining wall. Project was completed in July 2020.

Winter Gardens Boulevard Sidewalk Project included the construction of curb ramps, curb and gutter, cross gutter, traffic signal, driveways, and sidewalk. Project was completed in November 2020. 

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