Rancho Santa Fe Roundabouts


Proposed Project Overview

The Rancho Santa Fe Roundabouts project aims to enhance traffic operations, safety, and connectivity in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego County. This capital improvement initiative encompasses the construction of strategically placed roundabouts, providing continuous traffic flow, speed control, and improved accessibility for pedestrians, equestrians, and cyclists. The project also includes stormwater drainage enhancements and the integration of Greenstreets infrastructure, local landscape and aesthetic elements, all while preserving the area’s historic character. With a focus on minimizing impacts to property owners and adhering to current engineering standards, the project seeks to optimize traffic operations and enhance the overall transportation experience. Through community outreach and stakeholder engagement, the project team is working towards achieving a harmonious balance between functionality, safety, and the unique charm of historic Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding communities.

Project Update Community Meeting Held May 7th, 2024

To learn more about the Roundabout project, view the informational materials linked below:

Project Update Meeting Presentation:  Presentation

Project Update Meeting Exhibits (includes proposed site plans and renderings) Exhibits

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Visual Simulation of proposed roundabout at Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Rd & El Camino del Norte

Project Status

All three intersections are fully funded for engineering technical studies and design phase of project development.

At an April 2024 County Board of Supervisors meeting, $3 million in TransNet funding was programmed for construction and this provides sufficient funding to fully construct the eastern roundabout at Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Rd and El Camino del Norte.

Future stages of the project (central roundabout at El Montevideo and westernmost roundabout at Via de la Valle) are currently unfunded for construction.  An additional $12M will be needed to construct the central and west intersection roundabouts, and staff is continuing pursue state, regional, and federal funding opportunities.

Conceptual Site Plans/Renderings

Stage 1 

Easternmost roundabout at Paseo Delicias Del Dios Rd. and El Camino del Norte

The planned work for this stage includes the construction of a roundabout intersection with an outside diameter of approximately 105 feet. Travel lanes will be 12 feet on the approaches and 16 feet within the roundabout circulating lanes.

The existing posted speed limit of 50mph along Del Dios Road and Paseo Delicias will be reduced to 25mph on approach to the intersection with the use of splitter islands, signage and narrowing travel lanes. The speed limit further reduces to 17mph while in the circulatory roundabout travel lane.

Pedestrian and equestrian crosswalks are located on each leg of the intersection with enhanced visibility, lighting and push-button flashing yellow lights to alert drivers.

Curb, gutter and multi-use pathways will be added around the perimeter to improve non-motorized accessibility and connectivity. The equestrian trail is 10 feet wide and provides direct connectivity to the existing trail network.

Drainage infrastructure will also be upgraded in the area and the design includes Green streets elements to improve stormwater quality.

The iconic “Historic Rancho Santa Fe” signage will be relocated from the side of the road to the center of the roundabout to serve as the gateway to entering the historic corridor towards the village of Rancho Santa Fe. The landscaping and aesthetic is designed for consistency with Covenant design guidelines. Estimated construction cost for this intersection is $3M, and will take approximately 6 months to construct (after utility relocations).


Future Stages of the Project


Central roundabout at Paseo Delicias and El Montevideo

Westernmost roundabout at Paseo Delicias and Via de la Valle

Community Input

Thank you to those who were able to attend the project update meeting on May 7th at The Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. All materials and the presentation are available to view at the link above. We appreciate your review and input on the proposed site plans/renderings as we move forward with design. 

Use the form below to provide review comments, which will be compiled and considered as design engineering progresses. We value your input!


For more information contact Cynthia Curtis (Project Manager): Cynthia.Curtis@sdcounty.ca.gov

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