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State & Local Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law

California’s Commercial Recycling Bill AB 341 went into effect July 1st, 2012 and set a recycling goal of 75% diversion by the year 2020. This bill is intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting recyclable materials and to expand the opportunity for increased economic activity and green industry job creation.

AB 341 and the County of San Diego Solid Waste Ordinance require that businesses and public entities (such as schools and government agencies) that have trash service levels of four cubic yards or greater or multi-family units with four or more units shall arrange for recycling service. You may also donate or sell your recyclable material, however if you do not use a county approved franchise hauler for recycling service, you must provide the County with proof that you are participating in a recycling program.

Please contact the Recycling Section at 858-694-2468 for details. County of San Diego Solid Waste Ordinance (Section 68.571) requires that residents and businesses shall only place designated recyclables in a recycling container and keep them separate from trash.

It's the Law! Noncompliance is subject to an Administrative Citation with escalating penalties.

Residential Recyclable Materials
Residences (single family and multifamily unit complexes with four or more units) must recycle aluminum, glass bottles and jars, mixed paper, cardboard,rigid plastics, tin and bi-metal cans, white goods and green waste

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