Permanent Road Division Program

A Permanent Road Division Zone (PRD Zone) is a district that provides property owners throughout the unincorporated areas of San Diego County a mechanism to pay for private road maintenance in a geographically defined area. 

The County of San Diego Permanent Road Division Program is managed by the Department of Public Works and includes 68 PRD Zones that provide services for approximately 100 miles of roads. Road maintenance services are funded primarily by property owner assessments or special taxes collected through the County tax rolls.  PRD Zones are formed with the approval of the affected property owners/voters and the boundaries of the PRD Zones generally include properties fronting on or using the private road(s).  

Road maintenance improves the economic interest of local communities, protects residents’ investments in their properties, and enhances road safety by providing maintained access to homes and the community for daily vehicle trips and emergency egress during emergencies, such as wildfires.


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