District Administration

The Wastewater Management (WWM) section of the Department of Public Works is responsible for operation and overall administration of the San Diego County Sanitation District.  The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors serves as the District’s Board of Directors for governance matters.  The Director of Public Works provides general oversight, planning and direction for the District.  Under the direction of the DPW Director, staff perform day-to-day operational activities and District administration.   

The District issues wastewater discharge permits to residential and commercial customers, sewer construction permits, wastewater encroachment permits, and a variety of other permits to facilitate sewer service to properties within the District.  WWM staff conduct plan checks for sewer related projects, provide management and engineering services for capital improvement and maintenance projects, and provide sewer mapping, budget administration, billing, and general record keeping associated with District administration.  WWM also provides support services to other agencies such as County Parks, Probation facilities and the San Pasqual Academy.