District Collection System

The sanitary sewer collection system is an underground network of pipes designed specifically for transporting sewage from houses, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities to sewage treatment and disposal facilities. Sewage collection systems consist of local collector pipes which empty into larger interceptor sewers that transport sewage for long distances and ultimately to local or regional treatment plants. Sewage collection systems are designed to transport sewage only.  

Stormwater runoff enters separate flood control structures with their own separate collection and conveyance system that often empties into specifically designed detention basins, surface waters, or directly to the ocean. 


Sewer Line and Lateral

The District collection system is comprised of approximately 432 miles of pipe and 8,200 manholes that collect wastewater flows from the communities of Alpine, Campo, East Otay Mesa, Julian, Lakeside, Pine Valley, Spring Valley, and Winter Gardens. Operation of the collection system in a safe and efficient manner that meets the needs of District customers is our primary goal.  Each day, the District strives to provide uninterrupted collection and conveyance of millions of gallons of wastewater from homes and businesses.