District Facilities

New Jamacha dry well

The District works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep the sewerage system operating without disruption of service, and operating safely, efficiently, and dependably.  Prevention of sanitary sewer overflows and protection of environmental resources is a high priority.  

District facilities include treatment plants, sewer pump stations, and monitoring systems that are strictly regulated and must meet all Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) requirements.  Operation and maintenance of these facilities include well defined procedures, protocols, laboratory testing regiments and reporting.  Management of these facilities includes reliance on certified treatment operators and sophisticated monitoring tools capable of remote notification of Wastewater Operators in the event of problems.

The District owns and operates 3 wastewater treatment plants and 8 pump stations as listed below:

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  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Julian Water Pollution Control Facility

    2840 HWY 78

    Julian, CA 9292036

    Average Daily Effluent: 23,000 GPD


    Pine Valley Water Pollution Control Facility

    Old HWY 80

    Pine Valley, CA 91962

    Average Daily Effluent: 8,000 GPD


    Rancho del Campo Water Pollution Control Facility

    31035 Forrest Gate Road

    Campo, CA 91906

    Average Daily Effluent: 41,000 GPD

  • Sewer Pump Stations

    Galloway Sewer Pump Station

    444 Arnold Way

    Alpine, CA 92001

    Average Daily Flow: 360,000 GPD


    Harbison Canyon Sewer Pump Station

    215 Bridle Run Court

    Alpine, CA 92001

    Average Daily Flow: 18,000 GPD


    Jamacha Sewer Pump Station

    9903 Jamacha Boulevard

    Spring Valley, CA 91978

    Average Daily Flow: 230,000 GPD


    Moreno Avenue Pump Station

    10955 Moreno Avenue

    Lakeside, CA 92040

    Average Daily Flow: 3,000 GPD


    Rancho San Diego Sewer Pump Station

    11971 Singer Lane

    Spring Valley, CA 91978

    Average Daily Flow: 590,000 GPD


    Ramona Avenue Sewer Pump Station

    411 Ramona Avenue

    Spring Valley, CA 91978

    Average Daily Flow: 55,000 GPD


    Vista del Lago Sewer Pump Station

    9041 Camino Lago Vista

    Spring Valley, CA 91978

    Average Daily Flow: 17,000 GPD


    Woodcreek Sewer Pump Station

    15935 Spring Oak Road, Unit L

    El Cajon, CA 92021

    Average Daily Flow: 28,000 GPD



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