The Estrella County Park Biofiltration and Trash Capture Project includes green infrastructure elements to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff. A below-ground trash capture device and two biofiltration basins will treat stormwater runoff from an 18-acre drainage area.

Also included in the project are sidewalk improvements, shaded picnic space, new landscaping, bicycle parking, and a new parking area along Estrella Drive.

Community: Spring Valley

Drainage Area Treated: 18 acres

Pollutants Removed: Trash, sediment, debris, bacteria, nutrient, and metals.


What to Expect

During construction, the County will make every effort to minimize disruptions along Estrella Drive and within Estrella County Park. There will be temporary impacts to park patrons, utilities, and to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Traffic control measures, including signage placed prior to and during construction, will be implemented to ensure the safety of our customers.

It is estimated that construction of the project will begin in Summer 2023 and be completed in Spring 2024. Please note that construction dates are subject to change due to compliance requirements, inclement weather, and/or other unforeseen circumstances.


Conceptual rendering of a biofiltration basin at Estrella County Park.


Water Quality Improvements

When it rains, stormwater runoff will be diverted into green infrastructure elements for treatment. First, runoff will pass through a below-ground screening device, where trash and sediment will be removed. Runoff will then be diverted into two biofiltration basins, where natural settling and soil filtration processes will remove pollutants that include bacteria, nutrients, and metals.

Estrella County Park sidewalk and parking improvements.


Sidewalk and Parking Improvements

New sidewalks are in the plans for the Estrella County Park Project, along with a new parking lot.

Estrella County Park Seating Area


Park Improvements

Improvements to Estrella County Park include a bicycle parking rack, accessible walking paths, shaded picnic space, and an accessible parking area.