The Goldentop Road Water Quality Improvement Project will install underground treatment facilities to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff before they are discharged to Artesian Creek, a tributary to the San Dieguito River. An off-line modular wetland system will be installed to remove bacteria found in dry weather runoff; along with a debris separating baffle box to remove trash, debris, and sediment from the County storm drain system.


Conceptual rendering of a potential trash capture device.

Community: 4S Ranch

Drainage Area Treated: 114 acres

Pollutants Removed: Trash, sediment, debris, bacteria.


A conceptual rendering of a trash capture device is shown in the adjacent image. The specific device to be used for the project has not yet been selected.

What to Expect

It is anticipated that construction will begin in Winter 2023/2024, and be completed in Spring/Summer 2024.

Please note that construction dates are subject to change due to compliance requirements, inclement weather, and/or other unforeseen circumstances. 

During construction, the County will make every effort to minimize disruptions along Goldentop Road. Most work will occur outside of the public road right-of-way, reducing impacts to local businesses and traffic. However, there will be instances when lane closures and parking restrictions are necessary. There will also be temporary impacts to utilities, and to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Traffic control measures, including signage placed prior to and during construction, will be implemented to ensure the safety of our customers.


The County of San Diego Project Manager for this project is Clint Boschen. Contact information for Mr. Boschen is provided below: