The County is home to 11 westward draining watersheds. Can you identify the watershed you live, work and recreate in? Enter your address into the search bar on the top right corner of this map to discover which is your watershed! (Your address will not be recorded)

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Specific information about the County’s watersheds


The County of San Diego is one of the 21 entities responsible for managing the 11 westward draining watersheds in San Diego County. The County works in collaboration with the San Diego International Airport, Port of San Diego, and the 18 incorporated cities throughout the county (known as the Copermitees) to implement stormwater quality programs in accordance with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems [MS4] Permit issued by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Copermitees collectively are represented by Project Clean Water, a public clearinghouse for information related to permit activities. Visit to learn more about the San Diego Regional Copermitees, Water Management Areas [WMA], and how you can be part of the solution to pollution in San Diego.


Keep Our Waterways Clean

If you see anything other than rainwater in the curb, gutter, alley, or street, please REPORT POLLUTION


San Juan WMA

Learn more about this WMA HERE


Creekbed in Santa Margarita Watershed

Santa Margarita WMA

Learn more about this WMA HERE


San Diego River Flood Channel -- San Diego River Watershed

San Diego River WMA

Learn more about this WMA HERE


Lake Henshaw -- San Luis Rey Watershed

San Luis Rey WMA

Learn more about this WMA HERE


Los Penasquitos Canyon -- Los Penasquitos Watershed

Los Peñasquitos WMA

Learn more about this WMA HERE


Downtown San Diego from across San Diego Bay -- San Diego Bay Watershed

San Diego Bay WMA

San Diego Bay WMA is made up of the Pueblo, Sweetwater, and Otay watersheds. Learn more about this WMA HERE


Carlsbad Watershed

Carlsbad WMA

Learn more about this WMA HERE


Lake Hodges -- San Dieguito Watershed

San Dieguito WMA

Learn more about this WMA  HERE


Tijuana River Estuary -- Tijuana River Watershed

Tijuana River WMA

Learn more about this WMA HERE