County of San Diego Low Impact Development Handbook

The County’s Low Impact Development (LID) Handbook, developed in 2007, has been updated for consistency with the County’s Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan (SUSMP) and adopted Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP).  The LID Handbook has been updated to effectively relate requirements in the SUSMP, HMP and seamlessly integrate as a tool to comply with County SUSMP and HMP standards.  The LID Handbook integrates the most current research on LID implementation in San Diego County.  All LID facilities designed to meet Priority Development Project requirements shall be sized according to County of San Diego SUSMP guidelines.  

Full County LID Handbook (entire handbook)

LID Handbook Chapters 1 through 4      


Appendix A & B
DesignTemplates and Guidance
Zip files

Bioretention Areas

PDF & Autocad

Bioretention Swales

PDF & Autocad

Permeable Pavement

PDF & Autocad

Rock Infiltration Swales

PDF & Autocad

Flow-Through Planters

PDF & Autocad

Vegetated Roofs

PDF & Autocad

Sand Filters

PDF & Autocad

Cisterns and Rain Barrels

PDF & Autocad

Vegetated Swale

PDF & Autocad

Vegetated Filter Strip

PDF & Autocad

Appendix C – Fact Sheets

Appendix D – Inspection and Maintenance Checklists

Appendix E – Plant Palette

Appendix F – Geotechnical Considerations

Appendix G – Bioretention Soil Specification

Demonstration Project Case Studies (Included in Chapter 4)

San Diego International Airport – Terminal 2 Parking Lot

Scripps Proton Therapy Center


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