Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation

Stormwater Urban Mitigation Plan (SUSMP) requirements only apply to projects that have received Prior Lawful Approval (PLA) before February 26, 2016. Projects without PLA on or after February 26, 2016 will be subject to the requirements of the County BMP Design Manual

The SUSMP is intended to help implement one part of the County's Stormwater Program.  The SUSMP only addresses land development and capital improvement projects.  It is focused on project design requirements and related post-construction requirements, not on the construction process itself.
The County’s regulatory programs for stormwater are established in County ordinances, principally the County of San Diego Watershed Protection, Stormwater Management, and Discharge Control Ordinance (WPO), at County Code sections 67.801 et seq.  The WPO defines the requirements that are legally enforceable by the County in the unincorporated parts of San Diego County.


SUSMP Manual (.pdf) Approved January 2011, updated September 2012
Appendix A: County Environmentally Sensitive Areas Map (.pdf)
Appendix B: Stormwater Intake Form for Development Projects (.pdf), updated November 2012
Appendix C: Major SWMP Form (.pdf), updated September 2012
Appendix D: Minor SWMP Form (.pdf), updated September 2012
Appendix E: Pollutant Sources and Source Control Checklist (.pdf)
Appendix F: Self Verification Forms (.pdf), updated September 2012
Appendix G: Hydromodification Management Plan (.pdf) Approved January 2011, updated March 2011


Frequently Asked Questions about Privately Owned Stormwater Treatment Control BMP Operation and Maintenance Verification (.pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions about SUSMP and LID (.pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions about Hydromodification Management Criteria (.pdf)

Helpful Information and Documents:
Maintenance Notification Agreement for Category 1 Stormwater Treatment Control BMP’s (.pdf)
Hydromodification Management Documents
Low Impact Development Handbook
SUSMP Flow Chart Process (.pdf)
85th Percentile Precipitation Map (.pdf)
Conditions of Approval (Sample)
Grading Ordinance
Drainage Design Manual
Hydrology Manual

Minimal Hydromodification Submittal Requirements:
Continuous Simulation Software Other than the BMP Sizing Calculator


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